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FAQ's - Ads On The Move

Q: Why use an advertising van?
A: Our Advertising Vans provide you with an easy way for your brand and products to get seen by large audiences at locations that are highly visible. The advertising trailers are visible enough for great exposure and can be placed and located at places that work the most effectively.

Q. How much does a campaign cost?
A. It all depends on the van, location and number of days. Please see our rate card or get a quick quote at the bottom of this page.

Q: Where will the mobile billboard advertising vehicle operate?
A: We will work with the client and take into consideration factors such as the catchment area, target market, competitors locations for your advertising van campaign. If you have a route or location in mind please let us know.

Q: Is there a charge to get the Advertising van to the location?
A: This all depends on the location and the length of your advertising van campaign.

Q: How long does it take to get our campaign started?
A: This all depends on location and how far you are with your art work. However we could get you advertising van campaign live within anything between 1-7 working days.

Q: Can you help design my advertising van advertising banner?
A: Yes — we have designers who can work with you to design the campaign.

Q: Can you print our banner?
A: Yes printing your advertising van banner is part of our service.

Q: Do you charge extras for weekends and bank holidays?
A: No surcharge is made for our advans Saturday or Sunday operations. The only supplements charged are for public holidays where a 25% premium on the media rate is applied.

Q: What time does the mobile advertising van campaign start?
A: Our shifts usually start between 8am and 10am for an 8 hour period. However we are able to accommodate promotions at other times.

Q: Can extra hours be added to the outdoor advertising day?
A: Additional hours can be arranged for Advertising vans at the rates on our rates pages.

Q: What happens to the advertising banners after the campaign?
A: If there are plans, to replicate the campaign we can store the banners for the customer. However this must be made clear in writing by the customer.


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